• I’ve done it!

    I am very pleased to have launched my new business – Admin Advantage! For the past 8 years I have talked about, dreamed of and planned this venture. Admin Advantage was born from my passion for the administration profession and the amazing people working in this field.
    So often we administrative professionals are the “power” behind the throne, the go to person in the office, the guru on technology, the fountain of all knowledge and the unsung hero in the office. We frequently undersell ourselves and our skills and abilities, which is where Admin Advantage can step in!
    I want to be the person guiding you to gain your business administration qualifications – to get the bit of paper to show the world and just as importantly yourself that you can gain a tertiary qualification. I want to be your cheerleader, your sounding board, your devil’s advocate and your professional supporter! I can be your teacher, your trainer, your go to person for learning and development. I can assist your organisation in reviewing the administrative structure, the roles and the team fulfilling them.
    As with any newborn, Admin Advantage is just starting to grow and I am looking forward to seeing how we develop as an organisation and welcome your comments and ideas as my baby takes its first steps!
    Contact me to share your thoughts or leave a comment.

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