• Realise your dreams today

    What are your dreams?  What do you aspire to?  Guess what you can do it now!

    We live in an age where now anything is possible.  Once you had to resign from your job when you got married, working outside the home was frowned upon when you had a young family and you certainly were limited in options once you “hit 40”.

    Today we face new obstacles but if we face these obstacles as opportunities, we can realise our dreams and realise them today not tomorrow.

    So how do we create opportunities out of change, how do we achieve that work/life balance and realise our dreams?

    What are the obstacles in your life?  What is holding you back form realising your dreams?  How do you take a perceived obstacle and make it an opportunity?

    Each day offers us learning experiences.  What do she mean by this, you may be asking yourselves?  Take an aspiration to move into Management.  Did you know that Leadership and Management is not the same thing?  You can be a leader in your organisation from Monday, take the momentum you gain by being an active leader in your workplace to get yourself noticed.  In fact I would contend that as an Administrative Professional, obviously passionate about your career and profession as you are here, that you have all the attributes of a leader on display regularly anyway!  How can you turn day to day experiences into your MBA? Observe, observe, observe!  So you think that Mr Smith is a poor manager, hopefully he isn’t your manager!  Use this as your learning experience, what didn’t you like about the way he interacted with staff, the way he handled a situation.  What would you have done differently?

    Then there is Ms Jones, now she is the epitome of managerial excellence, she exudes all the behaviours and skills that you know make a good manager.  Have you told her?  Invite her out for coffee and tell her, you may just find you have a management mentor on tap!

    Take a moment to think about those things that are getting in the way of you realising your dreams.  Are they merely what I call Road Blocks?  Road Blocks are the things that pop up unexpectedly when you are on your path.  When you come to a literal road block what signs are put in place – that’s right a detour.  Dreams and the goals that we set to reach our dreams can’t be set in concrete, there will invariably be something that comes along to “block the road”!

    Now for the scary bit – who knows about your dreams/goals/aspirations?  I’m sure a lot of you will have heard of the SMART goal formula, but I’d like to recommend using the SMARTER goals formula.  The next step is to articulate them – who knows about your goals?  Tell your partner, tell your friends, tell your networks, tell your boss!

    One of the things about goals is when you stop and look at them; they may not actually be what you think they are.

    A few years ago, I attended a course called The Indispensable Assistant, now I think that being Indispensable is possible and a pretty good aspiration to have, however you need to ensure that you are not also seen as irreplaceable, because irreplaceable means un-promotable!

    Excellence is always attainable, because excellence is the best of your ability on the day.

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