• The value of networks

    As I think about the AAPNZ AGM and PD Forum last weekend, I have been reflecting on the value of being a member of an internationally recognised professional association.  One of the benefits of being involved in a professional organisation is the networks that are created and can be accessed through these connections. Since becoming a […]

  • Realise your dreams today

    What are your dreams?  What do you aspire to?  Guess what you can do it now! We live in an age where now anything is possible.  Once you had to resign from your job when you got married, working outside the home was frowned upon when you had a young family and you certainly were […]

  • Assistants as Leaders

    I have recently been thinking about the attributes I admire in people as leaders.  For me the leaders that come to mind display a a self-awareness and open-mindedness to new ideas and opportunities.  They also care about the people around them. Dale Carnegie Training lists the following as the top 10 qualities of an outstanding […]

  • Who do I serve?

    I recently read an article on another website that played out some scenarios and how to deal with them. One scenario talked about being the “go to” person in an organisation.  Yes that’s great I thought, but when I read on, particularly at the four choices the blogger offered as possible responses to a question […]

  • I’ve done it!

    I am very pleased to have launched my new business – Admin Advantage! For the past 8 years I have talked about, dreamed of and planned this venture. Admin Advantage was born from my passion for the administration profession and the amazing people working in this field. So often we administrative professionals are the “power” […]