Project Coordination Skills for Administrators

Course overview

This introductory course is uniquely designed for beginner and intermediate administrators who coordinate projects and would like to complement their practical experience with knowledge of project management theory. It will cover the five stages of project management including the initiation phase, successful planning, organising and controlling, implementation, and proper evaluation and briefing at project end.

This is an interactive and practical course.

You’ll learn to

  • understand the role of the Project Coordinator.
  • identify project management principles (Project definition, Stages of a project, Project criteria, and Project definition form).
  • plan and organise the project via proven methods and templates.
  • recognise and identify ways to control aspects of a project, such as quality, budgets, meetings, people, and risk.
  • understand the type of documentation required to be kept by the Project Coordinator.
  • evaluate, review and close the project to capture key learning points.

Course Modules

  1. The Project Coordinator Role
  2. Project Management Principles
  3. Planning and Organising a Project
  4. Project Control Skills (quality, budgets, meetings , people and risks)
  5. Documentation
  6. Evaluation and Review