Public sector consulting

With 20 years experience in administration roles within the public sector, Admin Advantage brings a practical understanding of the machinery of government, the role of the public service and  experience of working in government departments, crown entities and alongside the sector.

Having walked the walk inside the public sector allows Admin Advantage to bring a unique lens to developing a structure that not only meets the needs of the organisation, now and into the future, but is designed in a way to get the most out of the people involved.

Our process reflects the importance of relationships, outcomes as well as outputs and the utilisation of the skills and knowledge your people already bring to the table as well as growth opportunities.

By using an administrative specialist to guide the process, a review by Admin Advantage is practical as well as focused on the best outcome for the organisation.

Many reviews take a top down approach, being focused on cost savings, our approach is to talk to the people that are doing the work, engage with them to gain insight into the gaps, peaks and troughs and where they feel valued and utilised.  Once this is done, the processes and current practices are mapped and benchmarked against best practice from across the profession. We then recommend the best approach for meeting the administration needs of the organisation to meet organisational goals.