School consulting

Having been an administrative professional within a school, a Board of Trustees member and presiding member (chair), as well as having worked in public sector education agencies, Sherie brings a unique perspective to working with schools.

Our point of difference is that Sherie having been a practitioner in the school sector, the focus of any review is less on the financial base and end user perspective and more on the team and the skills they can bring to their roles and areas they can add value.

This relationship based process, takes some of the anxiety of a review away, with it being an empowering step change.

Enabling an administration team to see how what they do impacts the overall experience for tamariki, whanau and kaiako in a school frequently results in an improvement in efficiencies and effectiveness as the team see themselves as a team – all working for the same purpose.

Working alongside the Principal (and Board where appropriate) the needs of the school, the priority focus and outcome orientation allows for huge growth.

Contact us if you are thinking about reviewing your admin structure and processes.


Talking with Sherie is like talking to another Principal, she understands how schools work – Principal, Intermediate School (~220 students)

Sherie supported a change in culture with our office team, improving their working relationship to improve how their work supported the school. The impact was noticeable within only a few sessions.  The biggest impact was less conversations coming through my door!  – Principal, Intermediate School (~350 students)